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Am I Pregnant?

First Things First


Are you pregnant?

Your first step is to find out if you are actually pregnant. A missed period is the most common indication, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. Pregnancy tests are an indicator of pregnancy, not a confirmation. Pregnancy tests can provide invalid results, and false positives can still happen. Hormonal changes, stress, diet, and exercise all influence your cycle and reproductive health. Home tests can produce incorrect results for other reasons as well. We are here to offer you a medically verifiable pregnancy test and nurse consultation.

Let's Confirm your Pregnancy

If your pregnancy test is positive, it is important to see if your pregnancy is occurring within the uterus, if there is a heartbeat, and to determine how far along you are in the pregnancy. Our nursing professionals at Hope Pregnancy Center will schedule you for a limited ultrasound that will give you all of this essential information for free.

*** Some restrictions apply

***HPC does not determine the gender of the baby.

Female Friends

Informed + EMpowered

Time is on your side. If you are pregnant, pause and learn about all your options and how they impact your future before deciding. We provide a judgment-free and confidential environment where you can learn about parenting, adoption, and abortion, receive support and talk through pregnancy options without any coercion or cost involved. Hope Pregnancy Center will never financially benefit from your decision and can discuss your options with absolutely no pressure. 

HPC is not an abortion clinic and does not refer, facilitate, or provide abortions.

Pregnancy and Parenthood decisions are filled with uncertainty.

We are here to help you!


YOU ARe not alone.

All Services are confidential, professional, and free of cost to you. No insurance needed.  Trained medical professionals provide all medical services.

Any of the following symptoms could be early signs of pregnancy. If you’re experiencing any of them, contact Hope Pregnancy Center for a confidential, free pregnancy test.

– Late or missed period
– Mild cramping
– Nausea
– Breast tenderness
– Frequent urination
– Tiredness
– Mood swings

If any of these symptoms sound like something you are experiencing, schedule an appointment with Hope Pregnancy Center today.

Call 541-889-4272

When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by someone ready to:

  • Serve you with compassion

  • Provide you with evidence-based information

  • Listen to your concerns

Hope Pregnancy Center offers you free, confidential services:

  • Medically Verified Pregnancy testing

  • A limited obstetrical ultrasound exam to confirm pregnancy    

   **(HPC does not determine sex with ultrasound) 

   **Some restrictions apply

  • Caring, confidential staff and volunteers who will help you make an informed decision without judgment.

  • Community referrals as needed


You have time during your pregnancy to learn what to expect and to explore how you want to parent. If you want, we will partner with you to help you with classes, support, and even the opportunity to earn FREE items for you and your baby.

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