Hope Pregnancy Center COVID-19 Policies - Updated May 2020

To Our Valued Clients:

Hope Pregnancy Center is actively monitoring information regarding the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). The safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. As such, we have established screening measures and continue to follow stringent infection prevention protocols. The following information will help you understand what to expect when contacting us or coming in for your appointment.

Rescheduling Option:

If you have flu or cold-like symptoms, such as a fever or cough, chills, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell, or if you have recently traveled to an area with known coronavirus or been in contact with someone who has traveled or contracted the virus, please call us to reschedule your appointment.  As a safety measure to protect our staff and other clients, we are unable to see any clients who present with any of these symptoms and we require a three-week waiting period for an appointment if you have traveled to these locations or been in contact with someone who is ill.

Arriving For Your Appointment:

All clients will be screened for illness before entering our Center.  This will be non-invasive and involve questions about possible symptoms and a forehead temperature reading.   

We ask that clients come in for appointments alone whenever possible.

  1. Upon your arrival to the Center, we kindly ask that you call our Office from your vehicle (or from the parking lot) to let us know you have arrived. 

  2. Upon entering, please use the hand sanitizer we have provided.

  3. Please note that we will be limiting social distance, including handshaking, as a means of decreasing possible transmission. Our staff will be wearing masks. 

We are implementing extra cleaning procedures and our staff will be wearing masks. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in these office policies designed to keep our clients and staff healthy

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